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Western Prayer Book (Paperback)

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The Western Prayer Book brings prayers used during the first century of Christianity, before divisions into thousands of different churches and religions, back for the Western reader today. Those who have longed to know how their Western ancestors in the time of undivided, Orthodox Christianity prayed (and fasted, thanks to helpful rules in the back) have the opportunity with this short book to join in those prayers allowing them to pray with the Church the way people prayed in Old England, Ireland, Rome, much of Western Europe, and Northern Africa. The book contains prayers for the morning, the evening, the commandments and fasting rules, prayers for any time and much more. Thanks to the decades of prayer of the monks at the Abbey of the Holy Name in New Jersey, USA, a selection of those ancient prayers are now available in an easy-to-carry and low-cost form so that the reader can finally unite themselves with the prayers of the ancient, unchanging, and undivided Faith.