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Daily Scripture Readings, Troparion and Kontakion

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Holy Fathers

Selected quotes and teachings of the Holy Fathers

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Learn about the lives of the saints of the Orthodox Church

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The Joyous Feast of the Pumpkin (Halloween)

The Religion of the Future

"Little Children, it is the Last Hour" (1 John 2:18)

Must Orthodoxy Join the Apostasy?

"Jesus is Coming Soon"

The "New Christianity"

The Spirit of the Last Times A "Pentecost Without Christ"

The New "Outpouring of the Holy Spirit"

"Spiritual Gifts" Accompanying "Charismatic" Experience

Physical Accompaniments of "Charismatic" Experience

Attitude Toward "Spiritual" Experiences

Spiritual Deception

"Christian" Mediumism

"Speaking in Tongues"

The "Ecumenical" Spirit of the "Charismatic Revival"

The Pentecostal Movement

Charismatic Revival