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Selected Quotes From St. Peter of Damaskos:

"The more the victor has to struggle, the more he is honoured, and from this he derives great joy. When such a person hears the sound of the trumpet, he does not feel fear because it summons him to face death, but rather he rejoices because it foretells the glory that awaits him. For there is nothing that so readily prepares one for victory as bravery combined with a firm faith; and nothing so readily prepares one for defeat as self-centredness and the cowardice that comes from lack of faith."

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"This, surely, is a sign of dispassion: to remain calm and fearless in all things because one has received by God's grace the strength to do anything, as St. Paul puts it (cf. Phil. 4:13)."

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"...reading and spiritual knowledge are good, but only when they lead to greater humility..."