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Selected Quotes From St. John Cassian

"Hence, in whatever state a person is, he sometimes finds himself making pure and intense prayers. For even from that first and lowest sort, which has to do with recalling the future judgment, the one who is still subject to the punishment of terror and the fear of judgment is occasionally so struck with compunction that he is filled with no less joy of spirit from the richness of his supplication than the one who, examining the kindnesses of God and going over them in the purity of his heart, dissolves into unspeakable gladness and delight. For, according to the words of the Lord, the one who realizes that more has been forgiven him begins to love more."

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"For no virtue is perfected without effort, not is it possible for anyone to mount to the stability of mind that he desires without great contrition of heart. For man is born in trouble .In order that 'he might attain to the perfect man, the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (Eph. 4:190, he must always be watchful with still greater attentiveness and labor with constant care."

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"The laborer's toil can accomplish nothing without the help of God. For a farmer, when he has expended all his efforts in tilling the soil, would not then be able to attribute the produce of his fields and his abundant yield to his own toil, which he often saw was useless, if adequate rainfall and a quietly peaceful winter had not played their part. For we have frequently seen fruit already ripe and perfectly mature snatched as it were out of the hands of those holding it, and a continual intense effort conferring nothing on the toilers, because it was not assisted by the Lord's guidance."