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Selected quotes from St. John Chrysostom

"Have you fallen seriously ill? This brings you the crown of martyrdom [through thanksgiving]. Nothing is holier than that tongue which gives thanks to God in evil circumstances; truly in no respect does it fall short of that of Martyrs; both alike are crowned, both the former and the latter."

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"'Quickly hearken to me, O Lord, my spirit has failed' (Ps. 142/143:7). What are you saying? Are you urging the physician to his cure? Not at all: this too is a custom with spirits suffering tribulations, people in pain urging on the physicians even if the time does not require it, and quickly bringing forward relief. Hence the psalmist also makes mention of the reason in the words, 'my spirit has failed.' God, of course, being capable of raising up even from the dead, can do so much more before the end; but as I said before, it is from this that limitations of nature are established. The psalmist knew, you see, that everything is easy for him, but he does not bear the onset of troubles."

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"Even if it be disease or poverty..., for seen and unseen benefits... and for those which we receive against our will; ...but also whenever we are either in poverty, or in sicknesses, or are being insulted, then let us intensify our thanksgiving; thanksgiving, I mean, not in words, nor with the tongue, but in deeds and works, in mind and in heart; let us give thanks to Him with all our souls."