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Selected quotes from St. John of Kronstadt.

"Christ being led into the heart by faith, dwells in it with peace and joy. It is not without reason that it is said of God, 'He is Holy, and rests in the saints.' "

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"Reverence with all the powers of your soul all the sacraments, and say to yourself in respect to every sacrament before the celebration or the communion of it: 'This is God's mystery. I myself am only the unworthy witness or partaker of it.' Otherwise, our proud intellect even wishes to search out God's mystery, and, if unable to penetrate it, rejects it as not coming under the small measure of our intellect."

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"To what end do fasting and penitence lead? They lead to the cleansing of the soul from sins, to peace of heart, to union with God; they fill us with devotion and sonship, and give us boldness before God."