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Sayings of the Holy Fathers:

"A proof of our having been delivered from our failings is the unceasing acknowledgment of our indebtedness."

St. John Climacus

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"Since then we show that all things that have already happened had been proclaimed through the prophets before they came to pass, it must necessarily be believed also that those things that were similarly predicted, but are yet to come to pass, will certainly take place. For as the things that have already happened came to pass when proclaimed before, and even unrecognized, so will the things that remain, even though unknown and disbelieved, come to pass. For the prophets have proclaimed before two comings of His: one, which has already happened, as that of a dishonored and suffering man; and the second, when, as has been proclaimed, He will come from heaven with glory with His angelic host; when also He will raise the bodies of all the people who have lived, and the will clothe the worthy with incorruption, but will send those of the wicked, eternally conscious, into eternal fire with the wicked demons."

St. Justin Martyr

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"`And He said to me: Son of man, receive in thy heart and hear with thy ears all the words that I speak to thee: and go thy way, go in to the captivity (transmigration) of the sons of thy people' (Ez.3:10-11). It must be carefully observed what is said to the Prophet by the Voice of the Lord, that he must first hear His words and then speak them. For we hear the words of God if we act on them. And then we rightly speak them to our neighbors when we have first done them ourselves."

St. Gregory the Great