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You Yourself Will Be Judged

"Why do we judge our brethren? Because we do not make an attempt to know ourselves. Whoever is busy trying to gain knowledge of oneself, such a one has no time to look at others. "Judge your own self and you will cease to judge others. We must look upon ourselves as the greatest of sinners and we must forgive our brethren for their bad deeds, while hating only the devil who has tempted them.

"It happens that someone’s deeds may seem to us to be bad, while in reality they are good because of the good intentions of the doer.

"Moreover, the door of repentance is open to all, and you do not know who will enter it first - you, who are judging, or the one who is being judged by you.

"You may judge a bad deed, but do not judge the doer of it. If you pass judgment on your neighbor, teaches us the venerable Antiochos, together with him you yourself will be judged for the very deed you are judging. "

St. Seraphim of Sarov