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Sayings of the Holy Fathers

"At all times you should fear God, and every day you should examine yourself to see what good things you have done and what bad things. And you should forget what was good, lest you succumb to the passion of self-esteem. But where what was bad is concerned you should weep, confess, and pray intensely."

St. Symeon the New Theologian.

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"The light of dawn comes before the sun, and meekness is the precursor of all humility. So let us listen to the order in which Christ our Light places these virtues. He says: 'Learn from Me, because I am meek and humble of heart' (Mt. 11:29). "
"Therefore before gazing at the sun of humility we must let the light of meekness flow over us. If we do, we will then be able to look steadily at the sun.

"Meekness is a mind consistent amid honor or dishonor. Meekness prays quietly and sincerely for a neighbor however troublesome he may be. Meekness is a rock looking out over the sea of anger which breaks the waves which come crashing on it and stays entirely unmoved. Meekness is a bulwark of patience, the door, indeed the mother of love, and the foundation of discernment.

"For it is said: 'The Lord will teach His ways to the meek' (Ps. 24:9). And it is meekness that earns pardon for our sins, gives confidence to our prayers and makes a place for the Holy Spirit."