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Word From The Desert

...stricken with temptations and afflictions, sought refuge with Fr. Callinicus (+ 1930) to find relief. After he had explained his situation, he received a wise admonition.

“Listen, my child,” the Elder said to him, “Take this bucket and fill it with water. Then throw dirt inside and mix it.” He did as he was told.

“Now, do you see anything inside?” the Elder asked the monk.

“No, Elder, because the water is clouded.”

The Elder continued the discussion for some time. Kind and full of love, Fr. Callinicus spiritually strengthened the sorrowful monk. After a while he told the monk to examine the water.

“It has just now begun to clear up,” he observed.

The edifying talk continued for yet a little while, and then Elder Callinicus reminded him to look at the water again.

“It has become perfectly clear. In the bottom I can pick out some little pebbles very easily.”

The wise Elder closed the discussion with these words:

“Something of the sort has happened to you, too. At the present, your mind is like the muddy water. Do not be upset, however. Have some patience, and in two or three months the trouble and muddiness will settle, and you will see how much clearer and straighter you will think.” And things developed precisely as he said.

Archimandrite Cherubim, Contemporary Ascetics of Mount Athos, vol. I

Source: Word from the Desert