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Thursday, November 24, 2005

On giving thanks to God

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"Let us come before His countenance with thanksgiving' (Psa.94) `Presence" [countenance] here means the appearance of the Saviour. Let us not wait at home until He comes, but let us go out to meet Him with thanksgiving, that is with hymns of praise. `And with psalms let us shout in jubilation unto Him,' let us give Him the honour which is due to God. He has chosen to appear in the form of a slave; but let us not ignore our Master, nor be scandalized by His flesh; let us not be led by His appearance into having unworthy thoughts concerning the Most High. `For the Lord is a great God and a great king over all the earth,' even He Who is veiled in our flesh. And the Psalmist continues his praise of God. Such are the prophetic verses, well-fitted to be sung at this point."

St. Nicholas Cabisilas