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Sayings of The Holy Fathers:

"It may happen that there is much wickedness in your soul. But let it be known to God alone, Who knows everything that is secret and concealed, and do not show all your uncleanness to others; do not corrupt them by the breath of the wickedness concealed within you. Tell God your grief, that your soul is full of wickedness, and that your life is near to hell, but to other people show a bright and pleasant countenance. What have they to do with your madness? Or declare your soul's sickness to your confessor or to a true friend, so that they may teach you, guide you, and restrain you."

St. John of Kronstadt
(My Life in Christ, Part 1; Holy Trinity Monastery pg. 48)

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"Faith and hope are not merely casual or theoretical matters. Faith requires a steadfast soul, while hope needs a firm will and an honest heart. How without grace can one readily believe in things unseen? How can a man have hope concerning the hidden things held in store unless through his own integrity he has gained some experience of the Lord's gifts? These gifts of grace are a gage of the blessings held in store, which they manifest as present realities. Faith and hope, then, require both virtue on our part and God's inspiration and help. Unless both are present we labour in vain."

St. Theognostos

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"God has chosen the despised in the world.' Often being despised recalls us to ourselves. The son who left his father and squandered his share of the property came to himself when he began to be hungry. He said: `How many of my father's hired servants have bread enough and to spare?' He went far away from himself when he sinned; he would never have come to himself if he hadn't suffered hunger. The loss of all his worldly goods led him to begin to think of the spiritual goods he had lost. The poor and the feeble, the blind and the lame, are called, and they come: those who are weak and despised in this world are often quicker to hear the voice of God, as they have nothing in the world to delight them."

St. Gregory the Great