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Sayings of The Holy Fathers:

"You are accustomed to look upon your body as upon your own inalienable property, but that is quite wrong, because your body is God's edifice."

St. John of Kronstadt
(My Life in Christ, Part 1; Holy Trinity Monastery pg. 23)

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"And what was the nature of the invitation? `Come, for lo! all things are ready.' For God the Father has prepared in Christ for the inhabitants of earth those gifts which are bestowed upon the world through Him, even the forgiveness of sins, the cleansing away of all defilement, the communion of the Holy Spirit, the glorious adoption as sons, and the kingdom of heaven. Unto these blessings Christ invited by the commandments of the gospel Israel before all others. For somewhere He has even said by the voice of the Psalmist: `But I have been set as a king by Him; that is, by God the Father; upon Zion His holy mount, to preach the commandment of the Lord.' And again, `I was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.'"

St. Cyril of Alexandria.

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If something has become deeply united with your soul, you should not regard it as your possession in this life, but believe that it will accompany you into the life to come. If it is something good, rejoice and give thanks to God in your mind; if it is something bad, grieve and sigh and strive to free yourself from it while you are still in the body.

St. Isaac of Syria.