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A Morning Prayer

O Lord Jesus Christ my God,
give me a good, sinless, and spotless day.
O Lord, forsake me not.
O Lord, do not stand afar off from me
O Lord, stretch out to me a helping hand.
O Lord, support me with the fear of Thee.
O Lord, plant this fear
and the love for Thee in my heart.
O Lord, teach me to do Thy will.
O Lord, grant mourning
and humility to my heart.
O Lord, give me unceasing tears, compunction,
and remembrance of death.
O Lord, free me from every temptation of soul and body.
O Lord, expel from me every unclean thought,
and every shameful and improper imagination.
O Lord, wipe out of me negligence,
indolence, sorrow, forgetfulness,
insensitivity, hardness,
and the captivity of my mind.
O Lord, have mercy on me,
as Thou knowest and as Thou dost wish,
and forgive all my transgressions.
And grant that my pitiful soul
may depart from my wretched body
in quietude, in good repentance,
in unhesitating confession,
and in pure and spotless faith.

St. Paisios the Great, 4th century