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Excerpt from: The Akathist Hymn to the Divine Passion of Christ

The entire Akathist can be read at:

Kontakion 1
Supreme Ruler and Lord of Heaven and earth, seeing Thee, the Immortal King, hanging on the Cross, all creation was changed, Heaven was horrified, and the foundations of the earth were shaken. But we, unworthy as we are, offer Thee thankful adoration for Thy Passion in our behalf, and with the robber we cry to Thee:

Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!

Eikos 1
In completing the choirs of angels, Thou dist not take on the angelic nature, but being the Eternal God, for my sake Thou becamest man, and Thou didst restore to life men who were dead through sin with Thy Life-giving Body and Blood. Therefore, in gratitude for Thine amazing love, we humbly cry to Thee:

Jesus, God, Eternal Love, Who was pleased to save us who are born of earth!
Jesus, Infinite Mercy, Who didst come down here to us fallen creatures!
Jesus, Who was clothed in our flesh and didst destroy the dominion of death by Thy death!
Jesus, Who dost deify us with Thy Divine Mysteries!
Jesus, Who hast redeemed the whole world by Thy Cross and Passion!
Jesus, Son of God, remember us when Thou comest in Thy Kingdom!