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Sayings of the Holy Fathers:

"The man who stores up injuries and resentments and yet fancies that he prays might as well draw water from a well and pour it into a cask that is full of holes."

[On Prayer, 22 c. AD 395]

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"The only means by which you can spend the day in perfect holiness, peace, and without sin, is the most sincere, fervent prayer as soon as you rise from sleep in the morning. It will bring Christ into your heart, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, and will thus strengthen and fortify your soul against any evil; but still it will be necessary for you carefully to guard your heart."

St. John of Kronstadt
(My Life in Christ, Part 1; Holy Trinity Monastery pg. 18)

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"The good Physician calls me and demands no payment,nor does he spill my blood. But my slothfulness prevents me from going to Him. Hecomes Himself to heal me,but always finds me engaged in acts that prevent His remedies from rendering me their healing power. O Lord, enlighten and sober me. Cure me and I will be cured."

St.Ephraim the Syrian