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Jesus Christ- Victory

1. The Lord silences storms on the sea.  The Lord calms the winds. Last night we were terrified of the storms and the winds and the downpour of rain.  The dogs were howling,the livestock were full of fear;  roofs on the buildings were demolished, trees were shattered and uprooted.  Yet, see what a glorious morning has dawned!  Light, clarity, and serenity--as though nothing has happened.  Not a single leaf on the trees is rustling.  We feel as though the day has conquered the night, light darkness, and joy sorrow.  The Lord is victorious now just as He once was on the Lake of Gennesaret, and is at any other time. He is always victorious.  He calms the storms and winds even within our souls.  He commands the evil spirits to flee from us and not terrify us.  He drives out fear.  He brings in serenity, clarity, light and joy.  Only He, my dear sisters, our Golden Lord.

Bishop Nikolai Velimrovich.   The Struggle For Faith, Chapter II Jesus Christ- Victory