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Excerpt from: Prayers by the Lake

  People can do me no evil, as long as I have no wounds.

  I saw two caves, one of which revealed an echo, while the other had none. And many curious children were visiting the former and were mischievously carrying out shouting matches withthe cave.  But from the other cave visitors were quickly returning, because it was not answering  them with an echo.

  If my soul is wounded, every worldly evil will resound within it.  And people will laugh at me, and will throng more and more strongly with their shouting.

+ + +
O my soul, my only concern, be on guard and learn to distinguish between the voices striking your ears.  And once you hear the voice of your Lord, abandon your silence and resound with all your strength.

O my soul, cavern of eternity, never permit temporal theives to enter you and kindle their fire within you.  Keep quiet, when they shout to you.  Stay still, when they bang on you.  And patiently await your Master.  For He will truly come.

Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich