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On Suffering:

"The suffering and misfortune that the Lord allows to fall on the righteous is not the work of evil but a medicine, both for the righteous themselves and for those around them who understand that their suffering is sent from God for their good. The suffering that comes from the attacks of evil spirits on man, or as a consequence of sin, is evil. But the suffering that God allows to fall on men, in order to cleanse them completely from sin, pluck them out from under the devil's tyranny and bring them close to Himself - this purifying suffering neither comes from evil or is in itself evil, but is from God and for the good of men. 'It is good for me that I have been in trouble, that I may learn Thy statues' (Ps. 118:71), says the discerning King David."

Bp. Nikolai Velimirovich [Homilies, Vol. 2.]