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On the Antichrist, A Prophecy By St. Ephraim the Syrian (Continued):

Then leaping up, Gabriel and Michael, the leaders of the heavenly hosts, shall descend and restore the Saints to life. The Evil One, together with all his followers, shall be humiliated. The angels approaching shall seize the Accursed, and in the same moment the Lord shall command from His heavens and He shall overthrow the Accursed and all his forces and on the instant the angels thrust them down to Gehenna. And all who believe in him shall be fearful of the Angels, and His chariot shall halt between heaven and earth. He shall speak to the sea and it shall dry up, and the fish shall die in the midst of it. The heavens and the earth shall be dissolved, and become darkness and gloom. The Lord shall send fire upon the earth, continuing for forty days, and shall purify it from iniquity, and from the pollution of sin.

A Throne shall be prepared, and the Son shall sit upon the right hand, and twelve seats shall be placed for the Twelve Apostles; dwellings adorned for the Martyrs, and a place for the Saints. The angels shall sound their trumpets, and the dead shall rise from their graves. And in a moment the Angels shall gather together all the children of Adam, and they shall bring the wheat into the barn, but the chaff they shall cast into fire; the good shall enter into the Kingdom, and the evil shall dwell in Gehenna. The just shall fly to heaven, and sinners shall be burned with fire. The martyrs shall fly to the bridal chambers, and the evil shall go out into darkness. But Christ shall reign forever, and He shall be King unto generations of generations. To Him be glory; and upon us be His mercy, for all time. Amen.

St. Ephraim the Syrian, Sunday Sermons of the Fathers, volume 4