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On Suffering Sorrows and Afflictions:

There are people who are so enfeebled by illness and adversities of this life, that they prefer to die, just to rid themselves of afflictions. This happens to them from faint-heartedness and great folly, for they do not think of that great need which befalls people when their soul leaves their body. Here is what is written in the book "Paterikon" (sayings of the Holy Fathers). One ardent novice asked his elder, "Why do I wish to die?" The monk replied, "Because you are avoiding afflictions and do not know that the forthcoming affliction is much worse than the one here." Another novice asked the elder, "Why is it that when I find myself in my cell I fall into carelessness and despondency?" The Monk answered him, "It is because you have not as yet learned neither the anticipated tranquility, nor future torments, for if you had truly understood this, then, even if your cell were to be full of worms so that you would be standing in them up to your neck, you would bear it, without becoming in the least enfeebled." But we, while living, wish to save ourselves and, therefore, become weak from afflictions at a time when we should have been thanking God and counting ourselves blest that we may sorrow a little here so that we can obtain peace there.

St. Dorotheos of Gaza