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The Monk-Martyr Andrew of Crete

The Monk-Martyr Andrew of Crete lived during the reign of the iconoclast emperor Constantine Kopronymos (741-775), who under penalty of death ordered Christians to throw out the holy icons from their churches and homes. Believers, who fearlessly resisted the impious iconoclast, and cleaving firmly to the tradition of the holy fathers, -- were locked up into prison. When the Monk Andrew heard, that the emperor was throwing into prison not the thieves and robbers, but virtuous and pious Christians instead, he went to
Constantinople and in front of everyone, in the church of the holy Martyr Mamant, he denounced the heretic for persecuting the true faith. In justifying himself the emperor said, that it is folly to bestow veneration on wood and paint. To this the monk answered, that whosoever suffers for holy icons suffers for Christ, but whosoever reviles the icon upon which Christ is imaged, offers insult to Christ Himself. The enraged iconoclast gave orders to torture Saint Andrew without mercy. Along the way to the place of execution the martyr expired to the Lord. An hundred years later a canon was written to the saint by the Monk Joseph the Melodist. Through the prayers to the saint are healed seizures.

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Kontakion of St Andrew    Tone 3 
The Church is celebrating the glorious feast/ of thine illustrious memory/ and is inviting all the faithful./ She rejoices to hold the treasure of thy much-afflicted body,/ O Andrew, light of Orthodoxy.

Troparion of St Andrew    Tone 4 
Thou wast trained in asceticism on the mountain/ and didst then destroy the hosts of evil spirits with the weapon of the Cross./ Thou didst courageously destroy Copronymus with the sword of faith./ As monk and martyr thou wast crowned by God,/ O righteous and glorious Andrew.